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Plant and Animal Cell Worksheet

These worksheets will help your students compare and understand the differences between a plant and an animal cell. Includes colored cells that will require

Collective nouns for animals…

The Writer's Circle is a useful resource, and I heartily recommend that you check it out some time. It contains stuff like this. Who hasn't wondered what a group of peacocks or crocodiles or goldfish is called?

Academic Conversation Prompts

Support the academic conversation skills required of students for 21st century learning: Elaborating & Clarifying, Supporting Ideas with Examples, Building On & Challenging the Ideas of Others, Paraphrasing, and Synthesizing Ideas. Student flipbooks, in color and black line, coordinate with colorful posters you can display on your wall year round or on an interactive whiteboard for a targeted lesson.

Study tip: Don’t take notes with a laptop

Study tip: Don’t take notes with a laptop by Cindi May, scientificamerican: Research reveals students who use longhand remember more and have a deeper understanding of the material. #Learning #Memory #Note_Taking