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Bless those...

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Love this! I could go on and on about this!


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End of Day blessing

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October 2011

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I'm truly blessed!

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So True


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End of Day Blessing - AMEN! Love this :)

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Please sign and share our petition to stop corporal punishment!

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“Often people ask, “How can you say you’re blessed to have a son with Down syndrome?” My out...

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Both my kids are such amazing blessings

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Don’t Abort Babies With Down Syndrome: “They Will Bless Your Life More Than You’ll Bless Theirs”

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Fixed vs Growth mindset

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Singing through the Rainfrom Singing through the Rain

The Blessing of Being a Special Needs Mom

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The Blessing of Being a Special Needs Mom - "When I stopped to think about it, I realized that along this journey I've learned a few things... ok a lot of things and counting my blessings is one of them!" #specialneeds

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Amen! Not to mention the wonderful life you will blessed with.

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I am so proud our family is very loving, supportive and strong ... we are blessed ...

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