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they said i could be anything so i became balloon

Creepiest Animals in the World | and the new holder of the world s widest mouth record


Girl with three...

Yo skippy wtf r u thinking put something in that hole in ur brain maybe u will come back to reality WTF


This person was on Louis Theroux's Bodybuilding Weird Weekends. Even then, I couldn't work out the gender orientation. Still confused...

That is just revolting - all those veins!

Trying To Get Little Bit Of Sun On my Fresh Skin

Hair art.

wtf is she having???

don't skip leg day

hahahahaha there's no words...

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I have nothing to say to this. Speaks for its self!!!

those who prefer to ski without actually leaving their armchair, this chair by the Austrian designer David Pompa provides the perfect solution. Visit his website for more whacky adventures



...but what was she thinking?

Barbie skirt...