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San Francisco. 2012. That's me mum. 88 years young, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. As a young girl, she walked across the bridge with her mother, on opening day, 1937.

San Francisco. Days after the massacre at Columbine, days after the latest killing spree. I went on to work in a movie directed by Gus Van Sant called 'Elephant', the top film at Cannes in 2003, a movie about the Columbine massacre. The chills return just thinking about it all.

Oakland Fire Dept. at the scene of a warehouse fire. For a couple of years, i considered supplementing my acting income with work as a photo journalist. Day by day, I built my portfolio. Without a press pass, I was forced to sneak around police lines at various emergencies to capture my photos.

Kids around the world, much the same, seeing more than their preoccupied parents. This one I noticed in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

On the grounds of cathedral Notre Dame in Paris. A local resident proves that a bird in the hand is a piece of cake. He enjoyed doing this so much, that he taught my dad to do it, and so we spent a good chunk of an afternoon in Paris communing with the birds.

Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park. At one time, millions of buffalo inhabited the American plains and Rocky Mountains, living freely alongside the Native Americans. Then came the White Man. The buffalo were slaughtered into oblivion. By the end of the 19th century, only 23 survived, seeking refuge in Yellowstone Park. Today, the herd has made a comeback to number over 4,000 and the welfare of this herd is under the watchful eye of the Buffalo Field Campaign, of which I am a supporter.

San Francisco. Mel's Drive In, an icon from days gone by. My parents took my brother and sister and I to the original Mel's drive-ins many times. Several times we ate in the car. Out from the restaurant she'd come, a beautiful girl on roller skates with our tray full of food. Top that for a dining experience!

San Jose, California. 2014. Imagine looking out your front window and seeing a parade of elephants walk by! The Ringling Bros. Circus elephants. I was there at the arena to protest the use of these wonderful creatures. Their abuse. Their torture. I invite you to learn more about how the circus trains these elephants.

Oakland, California. One of the last of the fleet of the Southern Pacific Railroad. My maternal grandfather at age 16 lied about his age to go to work for the railroad and spent a lifetime working as a station agent and telegrapher.

San Quentin Prison, Marin County, California. At the gates of the prison, two hours before an execution. I've never felt the weight of humanity as much as I did here. A man had killed another man, and now it was time to pay up. At a few minutes til midnight, the governor, weighed in, then an hour or so later, it was back on. The deed was done.