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Chinese Lunar New Year Guide – tradition, taboos, and celebration « Miss Panda Chinese – Mandarin Chinese for Children

Lions, Dragons, and Nian - Lesson plan for grades K-2 from EDSITEment. Learn about one of the annual events used to commemorate the festival - a colorful parade complete with animated dragon and lion figures. These fantastic creatures manipulated by expert dancers move through city streets and in and out of businesses during the festivities.

Regional Chinese Cuisine

Regional Chinese Cuisine-Chinese cuisine is actually made up of several distinct regional cooking styles.Learn more about China's regional cuisines,from fiery Szechuan food to Cantonese dim sum.

New Google Doodle Honors Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year — the Year of the Sheep, or Ram, or Goat, depending on which astrologer you listen to — has begun. Around the world, dancers, floats, fireworks and performers...