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Best part of the interview <3

best part of the interview well the push ups were great too :)

LOOK AT LOUIS!!! As if the puppy is going to make a face back.  I can't.....I can't even.. just.. I can't...

The pup in Harry's arms is making the same face as louis and the puppy in Louis' arms is making the same face as harry!


Hahahahhaa I love love love how people think calling One Direction gay insults their fans but really if you are a real TRUE fan, it's absolutely hilarious! I just rolled on the floor laughing!

1.Lou...PROPOSE!   2.Eleanor..say yes!  3.Have a fairytail wedding(:  4.Live happily ever after  5.THE END!!

Cutest couple on the face of this planet. Your argument is invalid.

Is this supposed to be their "Happy Birthday, Louis"? There's no way that made him happy.

One Direction Interview - Harry's Wish

One Direction Interview - Harry's Wish - Why is everything always about Harry? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love him. But why can't something be about Zayn or Louis? Or even Niall or Liam? Everyone pays the most attention to Harry!