niall horan

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Niall in a German newspaper! OH GOD NIALL REALLY??

and I give you Niall James Horan the Irish mchottie pants.I cant take this.

no matter what he does to his hair, it always turns out sexy <3

Ladies love the new look! One Direction are showered with 'kisses' as they show off alternative hairstyles in latest photo shoot

No, that is NOT my lipstick on Niall's picture. This is my favorite hairstyle on Niall - the 'quiff/fringe' combo thing.

I seriously don't just love him because he is famous and cute! I think Niall is such a sweet, fun loving, and caring guy that seems so perfect for just being who he is. The haters say we only like them bc they're famous and hot, but the true directioners have fallen in love with their talent and amazayn personalities!!! Love you boys! xx

sleepy Niall= beautiful Niall :) >>yup>>> how is he sexy even when he yawns?

I got: Niall Horan! Which one of the One Direction boys will be your boyfriend?

Which one of the One Direction boys will be your boyfriend?

I could totally see that!!! Sign me up for that class!!!

Day Favorite Louis quote, Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!


Liam's new hair, Zayn being adorable, Louis' new hair and he's wearing normal colored jeans, Harry's cheeky smile, and Niall being beautiful even on a crutch. This picture

he is giving me the look like who the heck is that

ello I'm Niall.I'm in the band One Direction!people think it's too thick and they don't like it.