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Black History Short Reading Passages

These 6 nonfiction mini-passages feature one paragraph of informational text and 4 multiple-choice comprehension questions on one page. Topics include Wallace Amos, Benjamin Banneker, Claudette Colvin, Martin Luther King, segregation, and the Underground Railroad. RL upper 4th to upper 5th grade range except Dream Decision, which is 3rd. Great for February reading and Black History Month!

Literacy Centers Choice Boards - 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

Literacy Centers that will make your life easier! Included are 12 Monthly literacy choice boards focusing on different activities for your students to do monthly/ weekly in word work, writing, and reading. The great option about this packet is that I included the homework title option if you choose to allow students to do these activities for homework. Students will enjoy the options for showing their growth in learning accountability in literacy centers!

Bloom's with a fun twist, they have to do 3 in a row after they've read a selection of text.... Great idea but... I would rearrange the questions/activities so that they would have a good variety. On this one...across the middle is all high level and across the bottom is all low level

In my experience, one of the most difficult age groups to find books for is 11 to 14 years old. For young teens and pre-teens, also known “tweens,” finding books can be tricky. As kids start to outgrow much of the independent reader section of the bookstore, heading to the Young Adult section might seem like a great choice. Unfortunately, some teen fiction often deals with very dark subject matter and is better suited to high school-aged teens.

Having Fun With Fluency! Part 2

"Said" is Dead - You might notice that your readers may start to point out other types of punctuation now that you've made them aware of it. Great! Work on quotation marks next, and ask students to change their voice to sound like the characters. Linking this lesson back to tracking the moods in the story may be helpful. Just switch out moods with character traits and evidence. You may also want to draw attention to certain words in the text that describe the way in which the characters…

Reading Comprehension Passages For Beginning Readers (Multiple Choice)

Inside you will find 100 Kindergarten Reading comprehension Passages for Emergent Readers. These reading comprehension packets include the following activities:-Read 3 times for fluency-Fill in the blank questions-Multiple choices-Match the story with the picturesThese reading passages are great for both beginning readers, struggling readers, and ESL students in Kindergarten,1st grade.These reading comprehension and fluency passages will build students' confidence in reading!!***This is…

Elimination Communication Infographic a.k.a. Natural Infant Hygiene, Infant Potty Training, Diaper Free, or EC!