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Use YOUR POWER!!! #UNITEDBLUE #Vote #ShopLocal

This is who Beyoncé and Kaepernick admire. REALLY, that is the the kind of govt. the LIBERALS WANT???

I love it when Barry says "everyone agrees, most folks think I did a pretty good job", BUT facts and reality show that most folks, including a PEW research poll, indicate the country is headed in the wrong direction, and that most 2012 voters casting their ballot for BO, regret that decision.

WAKE UP, LIBTARDS!!! For those who fled Cuba & came to America for their FREEDOM, ask them what kind of an asshole Castro was!

Truth! Fact! These news stations ratings are now lower then the weather channel by great margin.

Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here #BB4SP

Fucking PC faux-liberal idiot. You can't pardon someone if they haven't been convicted of anything. Of course, the fact that this dipshit is suggesting a pardon might be viewed as evidence that he knows Clinton is guilty of something....

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Demonstrated by the left’s loony actions from rioting in the streets to demands for a recount.

She looks like she is going to explode!!!! POP!!!!! SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP!!!

Sanctuary Cities protect illegals when they should be protecting our Veterans! Americans first!