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Touching - the absolute reason I adore elephants. Their compassion is so beautiful!

Oh my gosh. I just want to clip this guy's claws and then cuddle up with him! :)

Funny Animals- elephant eating snow

What could be cuter! (KO) Do you happen to have any peanuts, Madame? I don't want to get out of the pool, but I'm really hungry. Don't tell my Mommy, ok? She said I've had enough peanuts today. (Naughty)!

ElephantCan you check if sage can stay Friday night & Saturday night?. She's coming Wednesday with Thursday pick up. I'm heading out of town and i think i forgot to a ask. No hurry on a reply

Elephants with such big, long tusks are in danger of being killed by poachers! Take care!

“Baby Elephant” by Björn Mika elephant in water

African elephants, Kenya - Elephants are herbivores and they can be found in numerous habitats, including savannas, forests, deserts and marshes, and prefer to stay near water. Elephants are considered to be keystone species due to the impact they have on their environments.