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  • Phonak - Hearing Aids

    That's right - when he started playing the banjo. Steve Martin musician (banjo player), actor, comedian. He acquired Tinnitus while filming a pistol-shooting scene in "¡Three Amigos!" in 1986. "You just get used to it."

  • Georgia Reed

    Steve Martin. Read his books - I love his writing, especially in "The Pleasure Of My Company." His website is a hoot: And of course, his acting, both comedic and dramatic, is inspiring to me. I got to see a bit of "Waiting For Godot" with Robin Williams in the NYC Library vaults. This man does it all - and yes, he rocks the banjo.

  • sar tom

    Steve Martin. One of the world's best banjo players, and one hell of a comedian. #SteveMartin

  • Jill Houston

    One of the funniest celebs on twitter!

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I have been listening to a lot of Steve Martin lately. Who knew he ever looked like this? Rawr.

I'll go wherever you're going Steve.

Steve Martin. I loved him when he was young, I loved him when he was middle-aged, and I love him now when he is slightly older. He is one helleva funny guy and well, I love him!

Steve Martin is one of my all time favourite comedians, actors, writers, musicians and thermos purchasers :)

when he was cool (Source: hollyhoxforgetmenots)

Steve Martin, saw him and his Banjo buddies (forgot their band's name) play for my 35th bday. LOVED it. He did "King Tut" at the end and I lost my damn mind.

Steve Martin....great actor!!!

Steve Martin (b. 14 August 1945) ***

Steve Martin - I absolutely adore this man. Truly a genius -- comedian, novelist, actor, songwriter, musician and art collector extraordinaire!!!

The coolest photo of Steve Martin you are likely to ever see. I love when he plays the banjo!