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The arms of René d'Anjou, King of Naples (f°4v) -- Book of Hours, Use of Paris («The Hours of René d'Anjou»), Part 2: France, S. E. (Aix-en-Provence), c. 1442-1443, attibuted to Barthélemy d'Eyck. [BL Ms Egerton 1070]. -- See more at:

i like the one with letters and crosses. the site has animal and font clip art

Wappen des Königreichs Böhmen (Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Bohemia) -- «Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Wappenrolle», von Hugo Gerard Ströhl, Vienna, 1890.

Henry the Fowler (German: Heinrich der Finkler or Heinrich der Vogler; Latin: Henricius Auceps) (876 – 2 July 936) was the Duke of Saxony from 912 and German king from 919 until his death. First of the Ottonian Dynasty of German kings and emperors, he is generally considered to be the founder and first king of the medieval German state, known until then as East Francia.

Coats of arms representing Irish clans

Y Ddraig Goch- Welsh coat of arms inspired by a legend about Merlin.

Ukraine, Coat of Arms