The 50 Greatest Discontinued '90s Foods and Beverages (Page 9) YUCK but heck memories are buttersweet

I loved these!!! I wish I still had one.

Goodies from the 90s

90s kids will remember this!

Hahaha, I remember doing that!

Tan M&M’s: | 35 Things From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now

only 90s kids remember this

20 foods that'll make you miss the 90's - I totally forgot about Orbitz, Sprinkle Sprangles, Crystal Pepsi, etc.

90's Foods - How 90's are you? I miss all of these, why dont they make theseee???!!?!

Does anyone else remember OUCH! Bubble Gum?! I used to love it just because of the box! There are a whole bunch of other '90s foods on this page as well.

i miss these!!!!

Styrofoam containers

McDonaldland Cookies #80s #childhood (My Dad and I used to walk to Mcdonalds sometimes just the two of us. I remember looking forward to our little outing so we could spend time together and of course so I could get a box of these cookies).

Yummy!!! The 50 Greatest Discontinued '90s Foods and Beverages

Remember when your costume would come with these plastic masks??

lol i remember!!!


Do you know what this is and how to use it if so your a 90s kid :)


Crazy Dips.

Fashion Plates...loved these.