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Explore Mysore Palace, Mysore India, and more!

A huge collection of Van Ingen mounts housed at the Mysore Palace. Unfortunately, members of the public are rarely allowed to see this display. Photo by Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed.

An 1898 "Beisa Antelope Oryx diorama" by taxidermist Carl Akeley, from the collection of the Field Museum.

(Chapter 8) Bill had just gotten back from his trip when we took a walk down the Boulevard St. Michel. When we passed this stuffed taxidermist shop (haha stuffed, get it?), Bill got a little too excited about a stuffed dog and said, "Just one stuffed dog. I cant take 'em or leave 'em alone. But listen, Jake. Just one stuffed dog" (78). I'm okay spending money on Brett, but Bill in another matter. I just told him that we would get one later so he would move on.