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Barbi Ultra Chevelure

Fairy Tails, technically an 80s toy, but I was born in 88 so I just stole my older sisters collection of these in the early 90's!

Pocket Radios....

Vintage Fisher Price Musical Tick Tock Clock

Fluorescent crayons. You'd color and then look at them under a black light!

water games

You looked tall in your plat-flops. | 19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting The Delia*s Catalog

Ponytail holders.

Pick-Up Sticks


Gel pens.


S club Seven

Oh the stretched & twisted telephone cord...that's how we kept ourselves occupied during long phone calls.

Les Castors Allumés

Rocket Power!

Lewis Trondheim - La mouche !

Cousin Skeeter

Aaaaaaah Real Monsters!