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tack pumpkin decorating. Biker chick pumpkin! hmm Could stencil harley davidson on a pumpkin Oh snap where is halloween!

JOLLY RANCHER CANDIED APPLE with edible glitter~Awesome!!! You will need... -Jolly rancher candy -Green Apples -Lollipop sticks -Cooking spray -Edible glow in the dark glitter * -Heat oven 350 -Wash apples,no stem -Spray cooking spray on surface to rest apple -Insert lollipop sticks in top Put candy in a deep dish, place in oven for approx 15 min, check and stir every 5 mins. Should be the consistency of syrup.Dip apple, put on sprayed surface.Sprinkle w/glitter

How To Make Glittery Pumpkin Tea Light Holders

How to perfectly roast pumpkin seeds

Every fall tons of pumpkins are carved, and for some there is the question of throwing out the pumpkin seeds or try to roast them. Here are the secrets on how to roast them perfectly. | Created by Diane