Salt Ceremony instead of a unity candle or sand. Dates back to ancient agreements and covenants, as well as having a great way to tie in our love of food and cooking... I think I like this idea! #timelesstreasure

Cord of three strands. Alternative to unity candle or sand. Totally want to do this!!

10 alternatives to a unity candle ceremony ... I like the wine or the padlock ideas. Need to run them by Dan. We already said no the sand idea.

good-bye unity candle! click to read about unique types of unity ceremonies!

Unity Cross - wedding ceremony alternative for unity candle

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The Salt Covenant: An alternative unity ceremony

Every girl gets a key & tries to see if she holds the key. Nice alternative to the traditional bouquet toss. I like this!

Unity cross...alternative to the unity candle. The inside cross (bride) fits inside the outside cross (groom) so that the two become one sculpture.

what a cool alternative to a unity candle ceremony

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Try these frugal alternatives to overly expensive wedding and shower favors.

Spice up the traditional wedding ceremony program with some clever commentary!

Alternatives to unity candle tradition. My favorite - Gather objects and souvenirs from your dating years, as well as birthday, holiday, and Valentine’s Day cards you have shared with one another. Open the box on each anniversary to reflect on how your relationship has grown and add new memories.

This is a really cute idea.

Love locks ceremony as an alternative to the unity candle afterwards tie the keys to balloons and let them go

Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set. Instead of a unity candle?? I kind of like it

Personalized Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Vase Set. Need this for my sand ceremony.

Unique wedding idea. tie a know instead of the unity candle