DIY Romantic Star Projector $22.00

The DIY Romantic Star Projector from Infmetry looks almost too good to be true. For those of us living within city limits, this is the closest we can come to a starry night without having to travel to the country side. And yeah, it is pretty romantic.

chocolate dipped marshmallows on kikkerland birch straws for hot chocolate bar - Kara's Domestic Life: winter wonderland party

Hope you're all staying warm! I love looking out the window to see snow, but I'm not enjoying the arctic temps keeping me inside with a stir.


This lights are beautiful! Restoration Hardware: Starry String Lights - Amber Lights on Copper Wire

combo candles with hanging bulbs restoration style yet an abundance of mercury glass, crystals and lush florals to pair with it

If you have a pool at your wedding try doing a version of this. You don't have to do as many if you have a small pool. Even a small pond you could do something with floating candles.

Outdoor Cocktail hour

String lights offer a great type of lighting to use for a party or to enliven your overall outdoor decor. Whether you want them for your patio, for an outdoor party or for an indoor party, you will find these little colorful lights playing their.

hanging lanterns in the trees for a fall party - photo from Inspiration i vitt

Old World hanging lanterns in trees lit this tropical beach wedding, my grandparents have these everywhere and I love them, it would be so cool for a night reception :)

this is for a wedding but how cool to cut holes in a long thin log and put flowers or candles in them at home - from Gwen Moss

of Rustic Centerpieces for Fall Weddings Classic Centerpiece Logs of white birch with hollowed-out holes house sweet arrangements of white hydrangea. Next: Fruit Centerpiece Headtable