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Martha Stewart's insanely organised kitchen has a dedicated tea drawer, with matcha whisk. Of course.

Tea Supplies in a drawer! Be ready to make the perfect pot with strainers, tea balls, honey dippers, special tea leaves all in one drawer.I did this years ago it is wonderful.I love drawers that pull out so I can see everything at once.

Sugar lace. These are beautiful floating in my tea!

Very pretty way to sweeten your tea! 24 Edible White Lace Rosettes Doilies 3 inch by SweetDejaVu

foodffs:  3 Methods For Making MatchaReally nice recipes. Every hour.Show me what you cooked!

Have you ever wondering how to make matcha (aka finely ground green tea, traditionally served in Japan but it's even used at Starbucks!) Use a bamboo whisk to turn the emerald green powder and hot water into a foamy, frothy beverage!

i'm intrigued and would love a gift certificate to sample one or two of these teas.  despite my entire drawer full of tea at home already....

im intrigued and would love a gift certificate to sample one or two of these teas. despite my entire drawer full of tea at home already.

Teavana.com: The History of Tea [Infographic] Since tea was first discovered in China, it has traveled the world conquering the thirsts of virtually every country on the planet. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world as well as one of the healthiest. - If you have ever wondered where tea comes from and how we got to the point where tea is served in virtually every corner of the world, steep a hot cup of tea and explore the history of the simple tea leaf over the centuries!

The History of Tea Infographic: Tea is important in many cultures and countries. Learn more about how it became a popular commodity and drink in many countries around the world.


It's been a very, very long time since I've had Afternoon Tea at Claridge's in London . but the last time I was there, this was their table setting. Don't you just love the china?

Afternoon Tea 101: Course Order — Oh, How Civilized

Afternoon Tea 101: Course Order

The Afternoon Tea Set up. A three-tiered stand is perfect for observing the course order of Afternoon Tea: savories, scones, and sweets.

Branch Tea Infuser & Saucer ♥

28 Fascinantes inventos para los amantes del té

Genius gift for tea drinkers! Tree branch tea infuser while the attached saucer catches all the drips. I want this!

We offer a wide variety of high quality teas from the world's finest tea-growing areas. We offer these teas at affordable prices, so that you can enjoy an ever-widening selection as part of your daily living.http://worldteaco.com/

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