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    AAAHHHH! Real Ghost Photos


    Incredible Freaky New Video of A Ghost Soldier Taken In Missouri | Paranormal

    No one knows who the boy is, and no one saw him at the time this was taken

    Before she died, model and journalist Peaches Geldof Tweeted this selfie photo of herself, her son (Astala), and a ghost hand that unexpectedly appeared with them. She believed the hand belonged to a resident, female spirit who haunted the family.

    This picture was taken by the Cheshire Paranormal Society on the Caerwrie bridge. It’s believed a number of ghosts haunt this bridge possibly in connection with a former burial ground nearby, for which the bridge was the entrance.

    The story behind this pic from the U.K. is that a man took a photo of his Christmas tree and noticed a baby’s face in the background. Do you see it? While some might say the “face” is an excellent example of pareidolia, the man and his family, which includes a newborn, have been spooked by ghostly whispers in their home and think it might be a sign of something else.

    This pic was taken in Gettysburg, PA, showing two apparitions. There appears to be a ghostly boy and dog passing by at the time this pic was taken on these very haunted battlegrounds.

    Apparently, the little girl in the photo talks to her deceased sister. They said the image is that of the deceased sister.ut tApparently, the little girl in the photo talks to her deceased sister. They said the image is that of the deceased sister.

    A visitor in a cemetery took a photo, and when she had the film developed, this apparition showed up on the picture - no one else was in the cemetery at the time she was there and took the picture.

    GHOST WARNED FAMILY NOT TO SAIL ON THE TITANIC The Cauliflower Pub An eerie warning by a Seven Kings pub ghost was ignored by a man who jus...

    This building in is NOT a place to enter lightly located in Borley, near Sudbury, UK, is not the sort of place one would associate with ghosts, it has a reputation as the site of the infamous Borley Rectory.’.Built in 1883, it sits on the site of an ancient monastery. The ghost of a sad nun was seen there. Legend says she fell in love with a monk from Borley Monastery & they tried to elope together but were caught. He was executed & the nun bricked up in the cellar of the monastic buildings.

    Abandoned - This is the view of the lobby from the Mezzanine. The Baker Hotel Mineral Wells, Texas. (This was recently on the show Ghost adventures on travel Chanel)

    Picture taken after this man stood up. (Photo Credit: Jeff Rainey)

    10 Most Haunted Objects of all time: Annabelle. The doll possessed by a lying demon. The doll now resides in a locked glass cabinet in the Occult Museum of renowned paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.


    Apparently, the little girl in the photo talks to her deceased sister. They said the image is that of the deceased sister.

    Stephen Walter has painstakingly charted the buried rivers, Tube lines, bunkers, sewers, government tunnels and other hypogeal secrets of London. He’s also included mysterious and underworld elements, such as unsolved murders, ley lines and pagan burial sites.

    Ley Lines

    Haunted Civil War Orphanage, Gettysburg

    NOTE- NO LEGS ON DANCER. Yes. This is a real photo. It was a mother at a school and her daughter was in the group. She snapped this picture (there was no dancers on the stage) the very next shot, no more dancer. Absolutely Incredible!!

    TIMESLIPPING TO THE PAST pt2 An old lady came out and offered John and his friend some lemonade went into her house. After leaving the cottage, they continued on to school, only to discover that it was almost 4 pm & school was just closing. They had left home at 1:30 pm. on a journey that should have taken about 20 minutes! The next day, John and his friend took the same route to school but they were amazed that there was no sign of the cottage or old lady they had seen the previous day.

    TIMESLIPPING TO THE PAST pt1 The most amazing experiences of slips in time, perhaps, are those in which people actually see, hear and even interact with other people and things that seem to have been in another space and time. John was a 6 yo in Stoke-on-Trent, UK when his brush with the past occurred. He was on his way to school w/his friend when they stopped to watch some builders working on some new houses. As they approached the site, they noticed an old cottage nearby.

    This amazing photo was taken by a nurse in an ICU room at a Colorado hospital. She was testing her flash in the room with the lights off. This is the magnified version of the photo.

    Real Gettysburg ghost photo. The stamping at the bottom indicates this originated with Mark Nesbitt, who, as every Civil War student of the paranormal knows, is the leading expert on Gettysburg Ghosts. In writing my first book on Civil War ghosts I deliberately avoided duplicating his work--which wasn't easy. See Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War: