I cropped this, from a fan. Happy Friday.

From a fan. And I'll tell my great grand-nephew that I once won the internet back in 2012.

Hilarious 'dear fork' letterpress card by Sapling Press --» {go check the other ones out, it's worth it! }

The Year 2013

Love it!

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

Wise, these words are.

whose line is it anyway?

This is SO FUNNY.

The bacon mac and cheese ones were good... I didn't have the desire to try the cappuccino ones at all.

Hee hee!


My mother taught me to always hold the door.

First World Problems.

this is my life

No Regrets! yeah just jump in that ass jk

Some of these are deliciously amusing. What's your favorite? I like the elevator one and will try it soon.

hahahahahhahahahahahahha. AMEN!


HAHA! I am SO doing this.

Too Funny!