50 Reasons I Love You: Get the 3/4" dot stickers from any office supply store and add handwritten messages to Reese's peanut butter cups or Hershey's kisses. Great for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays or thank you gifts...do number of how old they are

50 Reasons Why I Love You: place a garage sale sticker on the top of a mini Reese's cup, and write one reason I love him x 50 (or could do 33 for 33rd b-day)

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Great gift for the peanut butter lover!

Simple Thank You Gift | It's a very simple thank you gift that is perfect for a special ...

Thank You Gift - Gratitude - sweet and simple

Housewarming Gifts. Smart... It was always these little things we needed after first moving in that would result in 2 trips to the store a day

“spa in a jar” is essentially a perfect relaxation kit. | 38 DIY Gifts People Actually Want

This would be fun for friends to fill out at a wedding shower then we can use it for date nights! I think everyone needs one of these...I'll make one soon. Write on cards, things that you want to do with your significant other, like at home movie night, or fancy dress up dinner, or casual dinner and wander the town, or whatever you like to do.

Use cupcake liners or coffee filters as cute covers for jars

Thank you gifts I made for the staff at Heritage Middle School:) #seasaltygirl

with a tag that says "just add ice cream"- such a cute family gift!

Hershey Kiss Flowers

hot chocolate gift baskets- buckets from the dollar store filled with hot choc packets, peppermints, baggies of marshmallows, baggies of chocolate chips, and peppermint Hershey kisses. Tie them up with a card and voila! A cute, inexpensive gift.

Great BIG birthday idea (40, 50, etc).

I like to have ready-made thank you gifts handy for when the time is right. Here's a free printable for this one: "How are you so flippin' awesome?!"

Candy Bouquet. Like the way they used the Hershey bars.

I got one of these from one of my students as a thank you gift at the end of the year...cute idea... I did mine with the frame standing up but this is so smart!

Thank You gift for volunteers

Hershey KISS Sticker printables for tons of occasions! #mycomputerismycanvas

I used a beach towel, sunscreen, magazine, and a snack. Top it all off with a little note and some ribbon.