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The moment. I always thought it was great that Harry just says "Wait till we get the Horcrux, then snog away." Not "Wait till the war is over," or, "Wait till Voldemort is dead," nope, it's simply "Wait till we get the diadem."

@Rosie Graff this is my favorite character out of any book I have ever read. you dislike him. WHY? he is caring, and considerate and selfless. He gets mad easily, SO DO I! You like me don ah?

Harry Potter's Resumé To Join The Aurors

Harry Potter's Resume. Considering he did all of this in only seven years, I'd say he's more than qualified.

This is literally the best thing I've ever seen in my life, ESPECIALLY since I just read the chamber of secrets this morning. A+ Internet, you work in crazy ways, my friend .