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Decorate your gaming den with these dragon wall sconces

Want something moody and unique to decorate the room you tend to game in? Want something that says Dungeons & Dragons, Skyrim or escapism? You might be tempted by Tascano's Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electric Wall Sconce.

Sculpted Dragon Perched on Medieval Castle Turret Dramatic Decor Wall Sconce

Bilbo Welcome to Bag End doormat geek stuff

WARWICKSHIRE DRAGON COFFEE TABLE WITH GLASS TOP - Click image twice for more info - See a larger selection of oval coffee tables at - home, home decor, home ideas, home furniture, office furniture, table, gift ideas, living room,

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Dragon Hourglass Pairs of patient dragons frame this hourglass, as the black sands count the minutes - what happens next, the dragons will not say. 6" tall bronzed resin hourglass marks five minutes of time.

Vampire Bat Wall Sconce Candle Holder Gothic Horror Ornament Unusual Gift

*Updated with links to Dragon faucet 2 Raven Skull hourglass (site appears to be undergoing Bat Candle Mummified Bat Bat skullbone mantle piece (sold out, but was found on etsy with other like Anglerfish candle Spirit Head tea light Skull clock