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soda bottle tower for plants

What a great way to recycle soda bottles to make a hydroponic tower for your herbs and veggies! Watch the instructional video at:…

This neat little collection is a great jumping off point for the green thumbs looking for ways to grow plants in small spaces... like this coffee pot terrarium. In small space you need to maximize the productivity and minimize the amount of room occupied. This can be accomplished by... #spr #sum

How to Make Moss Graffiti

Moss Graffiti from although the commenters on the article seem somewhat dubious of the method.


Urban Farming Trend That’s Taking Over Major League Baseball #education

PVC Pipe Planter Disney world does this! Lowes sells the 4 to 6" round PVC pipe with holes already drilled. Purchase an end cap, fill with rock, soil, and plant. I will often put these in the center of a very large pot to stabilize, and add amazing height and color to a container that has trailing plants (no end cap or rock needed if you are placing in a container)

Risers in container gardening - Save space by putting container garden on shelves. See examples of how to build in this youtube video from the Phillipines.

How to Make Moss

Moss adds instant age to new things by giving them a time worn patina. Growing moss is very popular in a garden on waterfalls, rocks, statues, terracotta pots, bricks, bolders, and almost anywhere that is moist and shady. If you want to give something in your garden more character, consider growing moss. See the steps below for how to grow moss.