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Astronomers are highly aware that the vast majority of matter in our universe is invisible, or 'dark.' So what the heck is it? Well, now we have a good idea as to what it probably isn't.

Spirit Science 20 ~ Water by TheSpiritScience 268,141 views ~ NOTE FROM PATCHMAN - In this video I state that Science doesn't have answers to some

An artist's conception of dust in the moon's exosphere (thin atmosphere). The color shows the amount of material ejected from the surface, with red representing the highest quantity. The orbits show where impactors randomly occur. The arc shows the trajectory of the LADEE spacecraft.

Pic of a star being born. I believe it was 1991 when this pic was first viewed!! So beautiful and perplexing this universe is. No matter the answers we get, we get a million more questions. And it is still so exciting and mysterious!!

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Trailblazing Astronomer Vera Rubin on Science, Stereotypes, and Success

Pioneering Astronomer Vera Rubin on Science, Stereotypes, and Success by Maria Popova “Science is competitive, aggressive, demanding. It is also imaginative, inspiring, uplifting.”

I'm agnostic. I'm not religious, but I'm not atheist either. I really dislike people that make fun of people for what they believe in.