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Faux Mohawk with alternate bang using Curl Junkie Leave-In and Blue Roze Beauty Flaxseed Cream Gel.

Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner (16 oz.)

Another one of my top deep conditioners. -->>Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner - CurlMart

Luxe Beauty Supply

Luxe Beauty Supply - As I Am Cleansing Pudding - 16 oz, $14.40 (


every. single. time. people always think I'm trying to be sexy. really I'm not please understand. it's like touching something magical and impossible.

Herbal Pudding: Natural Curl Cream & Moisturizer 4 o.z

Delight in this natural Herbal Pudding that enhances the beauty of your hair by way of NATURE! This creamy emulsion is petroleum, alcohol and paraben free and leaves your hair soft, defined and moisturized. Great for coil outs, twist outs, twists or even just ponytails, this pudding has multiple ...

Hair Grease Taboo. Moisturizing Oils Vs. Sealing Oils

5 sealants that mimic sebum: 1) jojoba oil (lightest/ can be used for sealing wash n go’s) 2) shea butter (can be liquefied) 3) castor oil 4) GREASE. No bueno! 5) beeswax Some moisturizing oils that are NOT sealants grapeseed oil olive oil avocado oil (great for skin too because it is so moisturizing and able to penetrate) almond oil (also great for the skin) coconut oil (again great for skin because it can penetrate moisture) argan oil

Bee Mine Products....will start using the entire on my daughters hair next month. We'll see how using one line helps her hair