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Take a q-tip dip it in a cap full of hydrogen peroxide and scrub on teeth leave on for 30 seconds and then brush teeth. Do for a week straight in the morning and before bed. See amazing white teeth results!

'Extra' Balm Rinse

New Fave and best at night makeup remover/cleanser. OMG this stuff is amazing and amazing for your skin!

Wedding Day White Teeth >> A little toothpaste + one teaspoon baking soda + one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide + half teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix, brush teeth. Brush with this paste once a week until sufficient whitening is reached, then just once a month.

1-Minute Makeover: How to Fill in Your Brows and Make Them Look Real

Activated charcoal: The unlikely all-natural teeth whitener

Activated charcoal? On your teeth!? YES! This unlikely all-natural teeth whitener leaves your pearly whites sparking.