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“Happy Birthday to the Once a Marine, always a Marine!

<3 I do!   I know Andrew glances over my Pinterst once in a while, so maybe he'll see this! (:

Is it totally Obvi that my dream/obsession is to be an Army wife? Strongest women known to man in my opinion. Military Men = SO ATTRACTIVE 😍👍🇺🇸

Image result for i'm not just daddy's little girl, i'm the daughter of a veteran

Image result for i'm not just daddy's little girl, i'm the daughter of a veteran

they need to make one for Army girlfriend aka Wifey-in-training lol

Dear Civilians: What Every Military Wife Wants You to Know

A Salute to Military Wives. Support Military Wives because we are awesome! Don't forget about the military Husbands too! My poor cat has been in more hotels room than most humans will be in their entire lives!

Things I am interested in

This is for my Dad and the worlds best boyfriend.

So many lost, so many still bearing the scars. So many left behind. They all deserved so much more than what they received when they finally made it home.

vietnam war GOD BLESS EACH ONE! This, right here, is a good example of why there should be no more war! Blessings to their families also!


Pay attention while walking. Your FB status update can wait. (Have you seen the video of a journalist who ended up in the water cos she wasn't watching?

hd marines wallpaper

hd marines wallpaper

Maybe we could all think a little differently about bravery, about men and women who died in war, whether we agree with the war or not, about firefighters and other emergency workers and average people working in and near the towers who helped others and who died almost ten years ago, about people who struggle with cancer instead of giving in - not really about choosing a hair color or painting a wall or reworking a piece of clothing.  Just something I've been thinking.

Military Times "Honor The Fallen": Honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

navy wife's prayer | Navy Wife's Prayer Pictures, Images and Photos

Navy Wife Photo by

Respect your Veteran

Respect your Veteran

Proud MARINE mom

Proud MARINE mom


you can hardly find corpsman things, I love my corpsman (:

i love my soilder pic for facebook | Love My Soldier Graphics Code | I Love My Soldier Comments ...

Once in a lifetime kinda man!

Wish I had seen this two days ago.  It's pretty powerful, to me at least.

I am an American Soldier


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