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Keeps reminding you of all the hardships he went through to see you be a professional. Capable of calling in a firing squad.

Worry Wife: Says you know best while doing every thing in her power to prove that wrong. Lets you know that the bills will be due soon.

Big talk boss: Talks about job security and geniunely believes that excel files will change the world.

Emo Mom: Serves your favourite dish with ulterior motives. Trained in emotional torture by Ekkta Kapoor.

Freaked Out Friend: Keeps asking you if you're sure. Unsuccessfully attempts intelligent argument to your idea.

Ghatak Girlfriend: Makes sure you understand it's not about your dream it's about our dreams. Actually it's about her dreams.

Discourage Dadu: Tells you to follow your dreams. Then let's you know what kind of dreams you should be having. Sets the bar low and blames his arthritis.

Not Helping Neighbour: Boasts about the generosity of his company even if it's just about a paper clip they let him take home

#EntrepreneurLife is all about making through the worst of obstacles.