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101+ Writing Prompts

Debbie's Resource Cupboard: Stretch a sentence

Writing Prompts

My Heart Map. Students create a heart map in their writer's notebook as inspiration for their writing. 3 important people, 3 hobbies, 3 important places, 3 memories, and 3 important things. They will always have something to write about for a personal narrative.

What can I write about?

writing prompts

Another writing prompt idea...you could write the prompts on blank envelope return labels, stick them to the popsicle sticks, and place a small jar in the middle of groups of desks!

Lifebook topics

Storymatic Classic - $29.95 - set of cards that can be used as writing prompts, as a game, etc. This sounds like it would be really fun and really useful!

Journal Jar with a link to print out the prompts

students must create a story using one phrase from each color.

Newspaper generator. Very cool -- type in your story, and the website makes it look like a newspaper article.

Teach your students how to write a paragraph in a hamburger...good for visual representation of thoughts and ideas when students may be struggling with writing clearly.

Sticker Story Bag: Fill a bag with an assortment of stickers. Child grabs a few, arranges them on paper, and writes a story about them. Lots of opportunity for variations on this clever idea!

The Best Part of Me writing prompt.

undiscovered planet

fun and unexpected writing prompts

collecting ideas to write about

Laminated animal pictures to help students write facts, stories, opinions in dry erase marker ~ for practice in writing centers ~ 1st grade