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  • Frances Felice

    Laugh now, Keith Richards, your time is coming.

  • Whitney Slade

    This made me giggle

  • MF Gaudet

    Keith Richards by 'Pure Genius' Sebastian Krüger Artist. Amazing Artist Icon for Me ! ♥ There is a unique realness in spirit. Sebastian Krüger is fearless. His raw imagery is a revelation of this spirit. "Everything is in transition, that's all" Sebastian Krüger words. The artist lives and works near Hanover, Germany and California. Please visit the official website: #Art #Artist #Portrait #RollingStones #KeithRichards #BrianJOnes #RonnieWood #CharlieWatts #MickJagger

  • Byju Rajan

    Sebastian Krüger is a well-known German artist, who receives international recognition for his incredible caricatures of celebrities. The artist is considered to be the promoter of the New Pop Realism genre and over the span of 25 years has painted the portraits of hundreds of famous people. He also happens to be a good friend of the Rolling Stones, particularly Keith Richards.

  • DEPrice Photography

    Keith Richards for the Quote of the day !

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This is true. Except for the "first time" part. That is me EVERY time.

Omg I laughed way to much for this more funny pics on facebook:

HAHAHAH. Reminds me of some guys I know. bleh.