Amazing R2-D2 Eye Makeup Design

R2D2 heels!

Storm Troopers!

Amazing Eye Makeup Pieces of art!!!!! If I would ever get a face tattoo, this would be it!

eye make up

Comic Book inspiration. Very cool #Halloween #Makeup

eye makeup

I can't even put on normal eyeshadow. This is just insane! R2D2 eyeshadow

Avengers eye make-up... This is kind of cool!

MAC eye shadow. Honey lust. Must have for blue or Green eyes. I've used this eyeshadow for years! I always get compliments on my blue eyes when I wear it. <3

Sms Audio Over-Ear Star Wars R2-D2 Headphones

Stunning eye makeup!

makeup eyes

Love this eye makeup blog!


Star Wars inspired eye makeup for all you awesome female geeks!



purple and blue