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Bran the Raven God enslaves the Lupinex Werewolves in to devastating consequences, especially for our heroes.

Everyone loves him.

Dane Sladen's brother evil cruel deadly nasty wants to join Cyclone hates Mist loves killing for fun never sleeps or eats enjoys hurting other wolfs his power to cast dark mist and to turn enemy's to stone

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Werewolf, Ron Spencer

The Full Moon is boiling over the horizon tonight and its put me in a Lycanthrop frame of mind. This is a piece done for White Wolf games afew years back. Full Moon Offering I

"The Howling" by JerryBeck @ deviantart

Originally intended to be under the title of "The Howling". The Howling

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Bernie Wrightson Illustrations for Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf