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His a goof, kind and sweet and not afraid to be himself. I bet he would be the kind of guy you can just talk to and you know he loves you cause he just want to make you happy and be able to see your smile: Comment why you love Harry Styles below

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Take Me Home (One Direction FanFic) - Red Bull and Vibrant People

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Imagines by Sofie. - @niallsgirl6289 ~ Louis Tomlinson

In my history class I had potato chips and this boy asked me for them and i said no then he continued to call me a 'mother f***ing fat b**ch' whaaa? :(>>>> why was this tagged to this photo???

hahahahha X'D louis once bought eleanor a 6000 dollar pair of shoes. I'd die if he gave me a pencil!!! louis tomlinson, lou, tommo, one direction, 1D