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Muslim school girls from St. Maaz high school practising Chinese wushu martial arts inside the school compound in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

Muslim schoolgirls from St. Maaz high school practise Chinese wushu martial arts inside the school compound in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad July 8, 2008. Girls from ages 10 to 16 participate in weekly sessions during school term.

Hyderabad Girls Practising Chinese Martial Art Wushu In Hijabs | Wacky Wanderlust

Martial Arts Actress & Wushu World Champion

Karate is not about breaking boards or piles...It's about breaking your habit, your weakness,

Martial arts around the world. Oh yeah running away would be for America also... That or shooting someone.

  • Megan Hartson

    I never said "we" are the only country who litters now did I... I have never been anywhere else in the world but in this stupid country...

  • Lauryn Sharp

    Well feel free to leave this "stupid country" and take your horrible attitude and negativity elsewhere.

  • Megan Hartson

    I just don't like people who disrespect the earth. I wish it would change a bit. I love this land and I would hate for it to be destroyed by laziness. But our government isn't enforcing anything. We are polluting the crops we eat... This is why we have to get bees imported from Australia, this is also a big reason we see horrible diseases. Its Gods way of saying there is something wrong fix it.

  • Genesis Berzerker

    There is very little regular people can do. The government has bought out people that have made cars powdered by wind and the sun, water, and even waste become its too much of a hassle redoing everything. Thats just the tip too, as long as big money has a political voice (money IS free speech) anything that interferes will be silently killed off.

  • Sheng Chi

    Modern methods for the modern warrior. Our teaching methods allow you to easily Learn Martial Arts in the world. Right from home.

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Tell me to make you a sandwich one more time!!! No, I dare you!

Or your arms get bruised from blocking an awesome kick with an awesome block. :-)