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llama look-alike

A Llama Totally Looks Like Corbin Bleu

Funny llama meme

Weird Looking Llama Wallpaper from Funny pictures! This is one weird looking llama, with the weird hair-do, the enormous teeth, and the bulbous nose, this is one homely animal. One wonder how much is REAL and how much is picture MANIPULATION.

Bella - her leg is in a fibre-glass cast following knee surgery.  The harness is to enable us to pick her up and lay her down

Llama Sanctuary - The Llama Sanctuary

Look! It's the Lammas Llamas! Okay, so it has nothing to do with Lammas but it made me LOL! :P

Meeting the Gods on Their Terms

Fact: Llamas live to be about 20 years old.

3 Mitos sobre Conteúdo Duplicado.

Evil Twin Illustration by Jublin, a member of Black Rock Collective

Where are we?  Are you sure this is the way to Dr. Doolittle's office?

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30+ Pictures of Llamas with Caption that Very Cute,Funny and Awasome

Alpacas and Llamas Photo: llamas

Fallen tree blocks the Llama Forest Highway.  Long delays expected, since rescue crews cannot get through the line up!

Fallen tree blocks the Llama Forest Highway. Long delays expected, since rescue crews cannot get through the line up!


Llama--Need to adopt a Mama Llama so we can have sweet lil baby!

winter walking with the llamas

Winterwalking with the lamas

Meet the cutest 1month old baby llama called Hannah., Arequipa, Peru  traveljournals.net

Meet the cutest 1 month old baby llama called Hannah. AHHHH oh my gosh :)

Shearing time for the llama herd

Shearing time for the llama herd



llama trekking

Guided Llama Treks, Wyoming and Yellowstone Llama Hiking Tours

Guanaco | File:Guanaco Korkeasaari zoo.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Close-Up Picture of Guanaco With Pretty Eyes

Funny Llamas :)

Funny Llamas :)