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My sister has a roommate with perfect complexion and when I asked what her secret is, she said "a pot of water!"

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DIY Facial Night Cream by Carolynn Slaughter. I hesitate to share this because it works so well and after much experiment, this works better than the $60 night creams I was purchasing. I have actually seen a vertical wrinkle above my lip fade away after using this for a month. You can purchase the essential oils at www.youngliving.o... I highly recommend the shea butter at amzn.com/B004YBW5T0 . I tried a different brand and it wasn't as creamy.

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One of the best LOTION recipes. Ever. I love that she puts it in the vessel of her choice...a ketchup bottle! Would make great gifts.

The enhanced oil cleansing method is a great way to fight aging, reduce acne, brighten skin tone, and even out the complexion. #beauty #acne #oilcleansingmethod #essentialoils

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Blackhead Remover -- baking soda & milk

Homemade face wash: create your own ratio as desired of: oatmeal, baking powder, coconut oil, olive oil, a few drops tea tree oil, sugar Blend in a magic bullet until oatmeal is really fine particles.

DIY face wash with olive oil, castor oil and honey (I added tea tree oil for my acne). Cheap, easy and it works (my skin is looking better and I don't need a moisturizer afterwards)!

How To Make A Natural Skin Brightener. This natural skin brightener recipe works wonder as antiseptic and antibacterial and to clear away excess oil, cleans out pores and exfoliates your skin...

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