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Thank you to all of you who have helped a creature in need. You are Special.


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Severely neglected dog rescued from Arizona shelter# staying focused to help animals#help this baby of GOD

Save a life - RESCUE! I cry everytime I leave an animal shelter, it breaks my heart to see all those sweet faces. I walk dogs at a shelter every friday. If you cant adopt, volunteer. You can make a difference in their lives.

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Be the voice for the voiceless. If only the owners had cared. Don't breed or buy while homeless die. Spay, neuter and adopt a pet. One by one until there are none.

Who made you smile and "more" from so far away just by making you feel the love through his voice? Choose that one...

Please Spay & Neuter. Always Adopt - Don't Shop. If Dog Breeders Really Loved their Breed, They'd STOP Breeding & Instead Would Work For or Volunteer at One of Their Breed's Nationwide Rescue Groups/Shelters. BREEDING IS ABOUT GREED & NOTHING ELSE, PERIOD.