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hahahah 1st world problems

First World Problems Dinner. First world problems we face with meals. For you who I know will call 'repost', don't bother doing so unless first world prob dinner

Last year around this time. I was on 2 hrs of sleep and had a stupid giggly smile on my face all the time. I cracked up about everything.

I call that "slaphappy." You get so tired, that you are to the point of being dazed and goofy and weird, all at the same time.

Thumb Wrestler/BS4 Video Game Size

Thumb Wrestler/BS4Video Game Size

Need this for XBOX game? Click declare a thumb war! Engage in the ultimate one-on-one combat against a rogues’ gallery of thumb warriors with


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funny face I love you.funny face i need you.you have the sweetest face i've ever seen.

Can you relate? XD

One more episode, then I'll go to sleep. [Actually that's me right now.I'm watching Doctor Who. And every other TV show fandom of mine.

I definitely do...

10 years ago - this is SO true!then when I think about the reality that the were about 20 years ago.I feel really old!

FemalePains on imgfave

Pretty much my life story. Long hair in the summer means messy buns everyday!

Hahaha High fructose corn syrup.

Yeah if you could go ahead and create your dream office space here. That'd be great - That Would Be Great (Office Space Bill Lumbergh)

Funny pictures

Funny pictures about Long Hair Daily Problem. Oh, and cool pics about Long Hair Daily Problem. Also, Long Hair Daily Problem photos.