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A True Friend

What a Friend! Vintage wartime photo- a soldier kisses his girl goodbye


Couple in Penn Station sharing farewell kiss before he ships off to war during WWII. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images) Jan 1943

Empress Elisabeth of Austria with her cousin and dear friend, King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Lovely recent photomontage: Elisabeth and Ludwig II of Bavaria. They exchanged poems with each other, Ludwig using the pseudonym of the “Eagle”, while Elisabeth styled herself the “Seagull”.

I adore this picture.

Funny pictures about Goodbye kiss. Oh, and cool pics about Goodbye kiss. Also, Goodbye kiss.

Ill be there for you ......

Happy Birthday Big and Little Brother Quotes from Sisters and from Brothers. I love my best brother quotes with images that are funny and from the heart.

Sisi as a young woman with her hair down, unique for her time. This portrait…

Sisi as a young woman with her hair down, unique for her time. This portrait stood in Franz Joseph study room. Painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Elisabeth of Austria (due to the movie also known now as Sissi, _ Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Flickr . whispering "I need u out of the way. Dodee will care for you while "you're away". "I couldn't handle u and your brother. " "you were such an easy child. But I couldn't handle the both of you." WTF!!!!!!!

Things a daughter needs from her mother. I write this from the aspect of a woman who is a daughter. I write this from the point of view of a woman who has a step-daughter that came into my life when she was 7 years old. I write this from .

true love!

Forever together…

A story of love in action: "She says she never wants to sleep without me.I had a hemorrhage in my brain stem and spent a week in the hospital. She marched right through that hospital policy with a blanket and a pillow!

An East German soldier helps a boy over the barbed wire on the East-West border. After this, the soldier was replaced and his fate unknown....but I believe he's in heaven.

An East German soldier helping a boy cross the newly formed ‘Berlin Wall,’ The boy was found on the opposite side of the wall from his family. Despite given orders by the East German government to let no one pass, the soldier helped the boy through

so true

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