Cary Grant has a dog in his pocket, naturally.

Truman Capote, 1953.

Cary Grant | Classic Movie Stars Spending Time With Their Pets

Jimmy Stewart- Click on this picture, scroll to the bottom to click on 25. to hear him read a poem he wrote about his dog.

JFK at 20 years old in Europe, summer of 1937. In his arms: Dunker the dachshund.

Classy Cary Grant.

Fred and Adele Astaire

Edward Norton

Grant, Cary - Signed Photo – Tamino Autographs

Peter Sellers

Cary Grant. "Why yes, Cary, I would like to have a cocktail with you. How kind of you to offer."

Doris Day and Cary Grant passing time between takes. (Photo by Leo Fuchs)

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly

Mickey Rooney and Sammy Davis, Jr

Cary Grant Dark Angel Geoffrey Wansell 1997