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Just checkin out this website and looks like a great resource for parents to teach their children about staying safe from "tricky people" .

“Tricky People” are the New Strangers | ChecklistMommy - Also, teach lost kids to go to a mom with other kids to as for help!

Independence skills your child needs. Think your child is too young to help around the house? Think again.

Safe Child Labels - temporary tattoos in case you get separated from your child. This would be great for a theme park or a day at the carnival!

different kids, different needs. be intuitive, not reactive --> discipline less.

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Print out and keep on your fridge--an easy way to help you keep your kids safe

Keeping Kids Safe from Child Abusers: Steering Clear of ‘Stranger Danger’

Child safety and how you should teach your kids about tricky people. "Tricky" is the new "stranger" term.

How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child with less discipline. | Enjoy Carol Tuttle's new book, The Child Whisperer! #parenting #thechildwhisperer

Do you ever get worried for your kids? Wonder how you can help them with their anxiety and stress? Here are 5 Simple and Effective Ways You Can Encourage your Child! - Club31Women