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  • Jeanne Kav

    For Easter decor, why not make egg planters? After Easter, the plants — eggs and all — can be planted in soil.  How-to: — Hold an extra-large or jumbo egg on its side. Tap the pointed end firmly with a table knife to just break through the shell; turn it slightly and tap again to remove the “cap.” [Reserve the contents to cook with] and rinse the shell. — Create a drainage hole by carefully pushing the point of a small knife through the bottom of the shell. — Gently remove about half the soil from around the roots of a small plant. Ease the roots and remaining soil into the shell; add a small amount of soil to cover the roots. (via Pretty Ways to Decorate with Easter Eggs for Easter from Better Homes and Gardens)

  • Jessica Palmer

    egg shells + egg cartons+ flowers = ...?

  • Powell Landscape Architecture

    Collecting Easter ideas? Check out these succulents planted into egg shells! How-To:

  • Southern Champion Tray

    Why not make decorations that will last? Plant flowers in an egg shell - use as an Easter decoration, then plant the whole thing after the holiday!

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