What Are Waldorf Toys? A Waldorf teacher explains.

Natural organic wooden BALANCE toy...awesome!! And beautiful. Available on Etsy by Smiling Tree Toys. Gorgeous craftsmanship.

What Are Waldorf Toys?

How The Sun Rose: Waldorf Paper Window Star Tutorial

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Waldorf Tree

DIY Simple Fabric Toy Cat

Waldorf toys.

Waldorf doll

Waldorf doll

Waldorf. Love love love this.

Waldorf blogs that inspire...

Making Waldorf Inspired Glove-Puppets

It Makes a Village Block Set: Colorful wooden blocks dyed in water-based inks & hand-sanded. Waldorf education inspired. Simulates open ended play. Can be used as blocks or puzzle / Land of Nod

What Are Waldorf Toys? A Waldorf teacher explains the qualities that make a toy "Waldorf."

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Waldorf home

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