Slivers-of-Space Storage

Think there's no way you can pack another inch of storage into your house? Think again and explore these overlooked spots that can provide a sliver of storage just where you need it. Plus, BHG contributor and Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan gives his tricks for carving out more storage from e...
  • Connie Pratzner

    Great space saving idea utilizing the doors in small spaces.

  • Rebecca Davis

    An idea to go around the door frame in the loungeroom

  • Tanddi

    This book storage looks like a built in.

  • Randee Smith

    Slivers of Space Storage Ideas

  • Beth W

    On laundry room door Slivers of Space Storage

  • Michele V

    Adding storage space through bookshelves around doors and windows. Wonder if it would be possible to have built around my pantry door?

  • Marie Pack

    Shelving around pantry or laundry room doors to increase storage space

  • Christina Perkins

    Frame a doorway with bookcases or shelves to turn wasted space into storage. Spring for built-ins, or get the same function with freestanding units. This solution works best for less-frequently used passageways, such as pantry or laundry room doors, rather than main entries. The shelves will affect traffic patterns and how you can maneuver large items through the doors

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