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Battle Flag of the 4TH REGIMENT Florida Volunteer Infantry. Hardee pattern. Rectangular. Size: 36" x 40" Bears unit designation (faded): 4th FLA Battle honor (faded): MURFREESBORO Not captured.

Florida Infantry battle flag

JEB Stuart Cavalry Flag

61st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Battle Flag.

30th NC battle flags | Battle Flag of the Third Tennessee Infantry. | American Civil War ...

North Carolina Infantry Regiment Battle Flag The 2nd North Carolina Volunteer Infantry regiment carried this battle flag.

virginia battle flags | Battle Flag of the 18th Georgia Regiment of Volunteer Infantry

The 6th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment battle flag is the unit's first Confederate issue, 1861 battle flag, which is on display in the Confederate Relic Room in Columbia. The flag is constructed of silk, with 12 stars painted gold, a blue St. Andrew's cross, and a yellow border. The field of the flag is now dirty white; the original color of the field is uncertain, but it was clearly not the rich red usually associated with Confederate battle flags. It has faded to approximately ...

battle flags alabama | Battle Flag of the 11th Alabama Infantry (Museum of the Confederacy ...

Gettysburg Battle Flag

virginia battle flags | June 2013) Enlarge Stonewall Jackson Flag

Third National Flag - GA Division U.C.V.

This flag belonged to the 84th Regiment of Infantry, United States Colored Troops. The unit was organized on April 4, 1864, and mustered for service on March 14, 1866. The red stripes bear the regiment's name and number and some of the battles in which the 84th fought. #flagday

13 star revolutionary war flag

Battle flag of the 4th Kentucky Infantry

Battle Flag flown by the 5th Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry. Charleston Museum.

The battle flag of the 4th. USCT, Maryland. These troops fought under Ge. Benjamin Butler. (U.S.Colored Troops)

The only surviving flag of the 29th TN. This 2nd National pattern flag was given to the 29th by the ladies of Savannah, GA after the battle of Missionary Ridge. However, it was never carried in combat. Shortly after this flag was presented, Gen. Johnston ordered all units to adopt the rectangular St. Andrew's Cross pattern flag most people are familiar with today. This flag belongs to a descendant of an officer in the 29th TN, who practices medicine. The flag is on his waiting room wall.

Militia Unit Flag, likely that of the Palmetto Guard which was formed after South Carolina seceded from the Union. Bloodstains on the flag indicate combat use

Battle Flag of the 14th Tennessee Infantry

Civil War Battle Flag of the 7th Pennsylvania Reserves (36th PA Volunteers) Elias Rice served and died at Andersonville, Georgia a POW.