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Juice Plus+ may not directly improve your dancing technique or fancy footwork, but it will help you stay healthy and provide long-lasting energy.

How are your New Year resolutions going? A distant memory? Don't worry, you can start again - NOW! If you're willing to sacrifice that one take out coffee, or that daily can of sugar-laden cola I can help you to improve your: Health Shape Energy levels by providing you with amazing natural wholefoods that contain upto 26 different fruit and vegetables

Are you losing your mood, memory and motivation – and 50+?

2/2 Juice Plus+ capsules contain the phytonutrients of 2.5 kg of fruits, vegetables & berries - with almost all the sugars, fibre & water removed. Each daily supply has only 4g of sugar remaining.

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I work both as a Counsellor and a nutritionist - with a deliberate small n. Read my blog here: and follow the links for the article pictured

It's not possible to tempt fate - Dare to be happy: