1990 Jeep XJ sweet!

What bumper is this?

Engine: 4.0L Inline-6 Exterior: Yellow Line-X Lift Height: 6.5" Tire Size: 35 Inches

Engine: Exterior: Yellow Line-X Lift Height: Tire Size: 35 Inches

Silver XJ

Just like this, but with a sweet bumper, and it has to be olive green.

Sweet jesus....i want it www.talkingjeepoz.com

Kind of cool old Jeep Cherokee box body

Lifted jeep

Lifted jeep


for sale, 1999 JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Litre / 6 Cylinder Custom built lift with 36 Bilstein. ShowMeTheAd has classifieds in Port Jefferson, New York for new and used Trailers and Mobile homes.

1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

Happy Mothers Day! Treat your mothers well!!! #XJOffroad Jeep owner…

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i have a 84 jeep cherokee that i love so much, its my first vehichle and i was wondering if i chopped the rear quaters off of it if it would really

Cherokee XJ Soft Top Conversion

Cherokee XJ Soft Top Conversion - this would be epic.