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#MarvelDivas - My largest series to date. My personal fave will always be Storm since childhood. Which re-imagined #Marvel Diva do you love most?


Uh oh!

Harley Quinn’s Valentine’s Day Special #1 - Cover by Amanda Conner and Dave Johnson

Valentine Day special cover •Amanda Conner & Dave Johnson

Joker's New Look in The New 52


Arkham Valentine's Day by *J-Estacado

Harley Quinn and Batman

Harley Quinn ♥ Joker

Harley Quinn by Alex Miranda

Harley Quinn’s Valentine’s Day Special #1

Bra and Panty Party!


Mad-Love-Harley-back-at-Arkham-Asylum-the-joker-and-harley-quinn-19909184-495-508.png 495×508 pixels

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum by AtlasMaximus.devi...

Does Arkham Asylum have any success stories and if not, how does it continue to get funding? (article)

The patient seduces the doctor: The Joker (in a straightjacket) embraces his clinician at Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Quinzel (the future Harley Quinn).

I love this. While the Arkham Asylum character design was cool I really hate the slutty road they are taking Harly down. She's essentially a totally insane 50's housewife.

Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn - 20dllrcmmsh by *EryckWebbGraphics

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn "Arkham Asylum" Art Print by Huffychip #FineArtPrint

Harley boots ♡

Harley Lazy Day

Love this